Here at the Online Business Builder Community we want to help anyone and everyone interested in making a good income online and taking control of their lives the way it was meant to be! Live the life you deserve and control your time the way you see fit! The Internet lifestyle is not only an achievable goal, it is one to set your sites on and create the income you have always wanted with the best boss in the world…YOU!!!

Hi, my name is John Jacobs and I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best in the Internet Marketing and Home Business Industry through the years and continue to learn and grow on a daily basis. Not only is there a vast amount of people succeeding and thriving in this industry there’s also a huge amount of people willing and wanting to help others get the success they desire, which is really an awesome thing! 

Online Business Builder is designed to assist in the creation of your own online business which you can be proud of, make a great income from and help others along the way. Once you have achieved the success you are looking for in this industry we not only want to be the first to hear about it and congratulate you on your business success, but we also want you to give back to others and help more people achieve the goals they have set for themselves. 

Like I stated above, I do work with many people in this industry dedicated to helping others to create incomes and businesses online that truly change lives for the better. Giving back is a key component to success because once you have achieved your own success, there is no better feeling then helping others do the same thing you did; create a lifestyle they are comfortable with, proud of and being satisfied with the achievements they have created for themselves. Giving back and helping others is a true Win-Win for everyone!