Funded Proposal

What is a funded proposal and why you need one!

If you have never heard of the term Funded Proposal in association with creating and growing an online business then here is what I am talking about.

A funded proposal is an essential part of any online marketers growth and success in their business. Basically a funded proposal is a marketing plan that you use to sell an inexpensive product or program with a high value to your target market to generate income quickly for your current and future marketing efforts.

The purpose of a funded proposal is not to make you a full time income, it is simply to make money for marketing and build trust while growing your team for your main business opportunity or product.

Money 600 x 750The keys to a good funded proposal are quite simple:

First the product or program you offer must be of high value, good quality, and something that people will want.
As with anything you offer in your business you want to give more value than the price you are asking. (Rule of Thumb: Under Promise, Over Deliver).

Second the funded proposal must be very low cost as you are not trying to make a living with this product, simply covering the marketing costs that you incur in the process of building your organization and your current main business.

The best funded proposals are a one time fee and not a recurring charge as many will be put off by recurring membership fees. Keep in mind that you want to build your organization and the relationship you have with these leads as well as covering your marketing budget with this proposal.

So the funded proposal is to get someone to purchase the inexpensive product from you, then they become potential customers of the high-end product you have to offer in your main business opportunity. They qualified themselves by making that purchase. They start to look at you as someone they can trust and eventually may want to check out your main business opportunity.
I repeat, you are not looking to make this a full time income for yourself by charging recurring fees, you are looking to build your own organization of qualified prospects you can work with in the future.

The most important thing in any business is having prospects and leads – not just any leads, you want highly qualified and targeted leads in the market you are promoting your main products in. These leads are way more valuable to you in the long run than the few extra bucks you will get for a short term recurring payment.

A funded proposal helps your business because it is a great thing for everyone involved. The prospect gets highly valuable information, you get money for more marketing, and a trust relationship with that prospect is started. Even if that person says NO to your business, you still made an income and the person learned or received something helpful for themselves.

The funded proposal provides value to people like training or other tools that they can use in their own business. You make money and the prospect gets valuable information that is helpful to Money600 x 450them in some way. This is the beginning of your relationship with the prospect, (once begun, half done). When you give VALUE a person will be attracted to you and want to keep in contact with you as they have nothing but a good taste in their mouth when dealing with you. This is known as attraction marketing.

Offer the right funded proposal and you can literally have your business take off to astronomical proportions in no time flat; as you will generate highly targeted and trusting prospects while growing your marketing budget to keep generating more prospects.

Best of luck to you in your endeavors and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your internet marketing . I am always happy to help.